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Ancient Ostia


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Ancient Ostia Rome tour will make you discover the history of the city that according to tradition,  was founded by King Anco Marzio at the end of the 7th century B.C. But, the excavations has uncovered finds dating back to an earlier phase with fragments of architectural decorations from the 5th century B.C.

Once inside the archaeological area, our guide will take you on a tour to discover  the creation of the Roman city that is still visible. Walking on the basalts of the ancient Via Ostiensis, admiring the Porta Romana necropolis with its grave goods, reliving the splendour of ancient Roman life at the baths and sitting on the terraces of the theatre will be experiences that will remain in your memories at the end of your holiday. 

The tour is for all of those who wish to get a clear and tangible idea of ancient Rome.

Finding out who invented the first fast food, what the romans drank and ate, and how they became such a thriving people will be part of the stories our guide will tell you while strolling the streets of Ancient Ostia. 

The chance to see ancient statues, frescoes that still decorate the walls of the rooms, mills and original mosaics is only part of what this tour will make you enjoy.

Once arrived at the archeological excavation in Ostia you will enter into a Necropoli area. The necropolis of the Via Ostiense, an ancient road that connected Ostia to Rome. The road is paved with flint bacoli, typical of Roman roads. Along the stretch of the street are aligned tombs, almost all of which are on the south side.  This area was excavated by Vaglieri in 1910-1913. 

The funerary monuments were distinguished by those with a quadrangular plan built with tuffaceous blocks and some had an enclosure for cremation. In many burials one can still recognize family tombs in which the urns were no longer placed in the ground but lined up in niches along the walls. The Necropoli  is not to be mistaken with the catacombs which are the burial places for the Christians and you can visit that on the Appian way. 

Past the necropolis, you will reach the Porta Romana, one of the main gates into the city. The gate then leads to a nymphaeum that served as a place of refreshment for all the men and chariots arriving in the city. Don’t forget that the city of Ancient Ostia was once a great trading centre where goods arrived from all over the world to be  trade here. It’s fascinating  visiting this archeological site!

Along the main street, it will be possible to climb up a flight of steps to the Baths of Neptune, built under Emperor Hadrian. You will  admire the complex of black and white mosaics still in place. 

Another building that can be visited in Ancient Ostia is the barracks of the vigili, a military corps that was very useful for the city because of the many fires that occurred. 

The tour will continue with a pleasant stroll through the city of Ancient Ostia to discover the  frescoes, the Roman theatre and many other places that our guide will show you. 


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