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Crime tour in Ancient Rome


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Shared experience: 1>24 people
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Arch of Costantine, Rome

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Morning: 8:50 am -11:15 am
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Closed: 25th December
1st January
No tour 1st Sundays of the months

Crime tour in Ancient Rome

Crime Tour in Ancient Rome allows you to walk on ancient cobblestones and inside monuments which have a story to tell. IN this unique crime tour, we will explore the hidden secrets and criminals intrigues surrounding the Palace of Tiberius, The Palace of Domitian and the Palace of Augustus and the Church of Santa Maria Antiqua. With the recent reopening of the Palace of Tiberius, visitors can now journey into the heart of Rome’s imperial power, where crimes and conspiracies once thrived. 

Palace of Tiberius

Nestled on the beautiful Palatine Hill, the palace of Tiberius provides an eerie backdrop to the stories of this infamous emperor’s reign. 


Roman Forum

At the Roman Forum you will be able to admire the arches, Basilicas and temples which were once standing on all their beauty making this the downtown Rome of the past.

Discover the place where Julius Caesar was cremated and admire the Senate where senators use to meet to discuss and decide about religious, political militar matters.

Palatine Hill

Through a flight of steps up the hill you will reach the Palatine, the residence over the centuries of the first king of Rome, several senators and emperors of Rome.

Augustus, Tiberius, Nero, had their palaces on one of the seven hill of Rome. You can see the foundation of wealthy Roman citizens and public buildings such as temples, bathhouses and stadiums. 

You will enjoy breathtaking views and walk among the remains of Emperor Domitian’s residence. The ancient residence were called Domus. The villa was generally built around an atrium, a central courtyard that provided light and air to the surrounding rooms. The style of a Roman domus reflected the wealth and status of its owners, and the most luxurious homes had several stories, intricate mosaics, frescoes, and expensive marble and stone decorations. Some of the most notable features of a Roman domus included heated floors, indoor plumbing and ornate gardens. 

According to legend Romulus and Remus were brought up here by a wolf in a cave. This is also the reason why many senators first and emperors later, decided to live on top of the hill to follow Romulus dynasty.

Romulus is considered the first king of the city of Rome. Being a very desirable place to live, became home to some of the city’s most famous inhabitants. 

The great Cicero had a house here, as did the lyric poet Catullus. Augustus was born on the hill and continued to live here even when he became emperor. In fact on top of the hill there is the residence of Augustus and the residence of Livia, his wife.

The most extensive radiance remain the Domus Augustana and Domus Flavia, the two wings of Domitian’s palace. 

Accompanied by our expert guide who will share with you fascinating stories about ancient Rome, you will have the opportunity to visit the most important archaeological area in Rome.

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