Colosseum and Roman forum light

Colosseum and Roman Forum Light


1-2 € 130 p.p.

Semi Private

4-6 € 85 p.p.

Group Tour

8-20€ 70 p.p.


2.5 Hours



Meeting Point

Arch of Constantine


No child friendly. Book Regular Colosseum and Roman Forum tour.

Starting Time

Morning: 9:00 am
Afternoon: 12:00 pm


Closed: 25th December
1st January
No tours the 1st Sunday of the month

Colosseum and Roman Forum light tour is for people with reduce mobility who can find visiting cities and especially archaeological sites be tiring due to the uneven ground and continuous ups and downs. When you partecipate to a group, the difficulty increases because you have to adapt to the pace of the others. 

This is why the LIGHT COLOSSEUM TOUR was created, intended for all those who cannot or do not want to be dragged through the ruins at a painstaking pace. The guide who will lead you  at the Colosseum and the Roman Forum will keep a slow and pleasant walk. At the end of the tour you will have the opportunity to remain inside the Roma Forum and use the extra time to stroll around.


The Rome 1st attraction known all over the world now as it was in the past. Rome the capitol of the Roman empire attracted many visitors and had 1 million of people leaving in the city around the I AD.
People who lived in Rome and foreigners from the roman empire used to come in the city and followed the gladiators and animal fights into the Colosseum. 
The shows held here often began with animals performing circus tricks. The stadium was built in the form of an ellipse, with tiers of seats around a vast central arena.
After visiting the Colosseum with your guide and a slow pace you will reach the Roman Forum. 

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was the central of political, commercial and judicial life in ancient Rome. 
The Roman Forum, an ancient marshy valley where some shepherds’ huts stood, the site of a vast archaic necropolis from the Iron Age (10th century B.C.), after the unification of the peoples settled in the nearby hills, which had created a political and religious centre on the Capitoline Hill, became a meeting and market place ( forum). 
At the time of the Etruscan kings, with the expansion of the urban area, a great land reclamation was begun, which ended with the construction of the Cloaca Maxima, which conveyed the waters of the small streams flowing into the Tiber. 


Enjoy visiting the Colosseum famous for its gladiators fights and the Roman Forum the central part of the city of Ancient Rome.

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