Secret and scary Rome

Secret and scary Rome


3 Hours

Min People

Shared experience: 24 px
Private experience:
1>6 px private party

Meeting Point

Piazza del Popolo

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Starting Time

Morning: 10 am


Monday to saturday

If you want to get to know Rome’s darkest places, ghost stories and legends, this is the tour that will fulfill your expectations. 

Meet your guide in Piazza del Popolo and you will immediately be captivated by the ghost stories that swarm the square. 

Visit a truly spooky museum and continue the tour to the Museum of the Souls in Purgatory. Respecting the sacred place, your guide will explain the reason why it was decided to open it to the public.  

Continuing the tour you will reach Castel Sant’angelo where the ghost of Beatrice Cenci reigns. After being fascinated by its history, made up of anecdotes and secrets, you will take a pleasant walk along the Trastevere side of the river and here you will meet another famous ghost of Rome, Donna Olimpia. 

We at, however, want to continue to surprise you with a special visit that will take you to the Tiber Island and the Ghetto of Rome. 

It’s not over yet! Our stories and ghosts will accompany us to the Campidoglio, Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum where our tour will end.

Rome is a city full of stories and places that hold ancient secrets. On our tour we will discover them one by one. We will follow a route as many ancient Romans did, starting from an important square and visiting places unknown to most.

 We will relive the stories as they were told from person to person in the past and listen to the tales of famous people and aristocrats who seem to have continued to roam Rome even when dead, and those of figures from the urbe.

After all, it is well known that Rome has been a field of experimentation for alchemists, sorcerers, and various esotericists, some more famous than others, who have enriched with curiosity the many stories you will hear from an expert guide in this unforgettable experience in Rome.

It is no secret that the first cults used by the Romans were mystery cults from the past, from the Etruscan tradition to those of the Egyptian tradition to oriental mithra.

So, to give you a different experience that combines visiting and seeing many famous places with lesser-known ones, we take you around Rome to learn stories of unhappy and cursed lives.

In addition to reliving the ghost stories of a distant past, we will also delve into the tales of those that still populate the city in the 21st century.

Witches and ghosts, tales and legends, stories that have fascinated and continue to fascinate so many people in a single experience in Rome.

Without a doubt, it is a beautiful walk through monuments, legends, lesser-known places in Rome and famous places together with our ghosts of Rome. 

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