Tivoli gardens and imperial palace Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’este

Tivoli gardens and imperial palace
Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’este


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Tivoli gardens and imperial palace Hadrian’s villa and Villa D’Este  is one of the best preserved private summer residence of the Roman time. Built between 118 AD and 134 covers an area of 120 hectares and it is filled in with the reproductions of the emperor’s favourite buildings he admired during is traveling in Greece and Egypt.

Our guide will take you on a journey through time to relive the splendour of this ancient imperial residence.

A villa decorated as we know from a quote by Hadrian: “…Here at Tivoli, above this ceiling adorned with stuccoes and precious paintings…”. Here, the emperor, being a lover of architecture himself, had designed places inaccessible to others where he could spend his days undisturbed. The Maritime Theatre was literally a villa within a villa.

Our guide through tales based on real facts, stories and legends will be able to capture your interest as you stroll through the monumental ruins of the ancient residence.

The splendid spa complexes, reminiscent of the splendour of a time long gone, garden and fountains will leave you speachless.

From the ancient glory of an imperial residence, as if on a journey through time, you will also admire the magnificence of a Renaissance residence developed by Cardinal Ippolito D’Este. The villa occupies the site of an ancient Benedictine convent.

Designed by Pirro Ligorio, it is adorned with frescoes on the walls telling stories of everyday life, historical events from the founding of Tivoli and stories from the Old Testament.

 All embellished by the gem of the structure which are its terraced gardens.

Words cannot do justice to two UNESCO Heritage sites.

All that remains for you to do is to discover them with us.


Hadrian’s Villa, located in Tivoli near Rome, was built in the 2nd century AD by Emperor Hadrian as his summer residence. The sprawling complex covers over  120 hectares and features numerous magnificent buildings, gardens, fountains and other impressive structures.

The villa was designed to showcase the grandeur of the Roman empire, with its opulent interiors, fine work of art and beautiful colored mosaics. It is still possible to see the remains of the grand baths, the spectacular “maritime Theater” and the famous “Canopus” pool, a magnificent rectangular pool surrounded by colonnades. 


Located in Tivoli, is a 16th century villa and one of the most famous examples of renaissance garden design. Commissioned by cardinal Ippolito d’Este, the villa was built as a summer residence and features an extensive system of terraces, fountains and water all of which are designed to provide a peaceful and relaxing retreat from the busy life od the city.

Visitors to the villa can admire its lush gardens, impressive fountains and intricate sculptures, including the famous “Organ Fountain” which features a musical fountain that plays various pieces of music. 




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