Christian sites in Rome

Christian sites in Rome


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In front of St. Clemente

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Christian sites in Rome 

 Visit St. Clemente- St. John in Lateran- the Holy steps- St. Cross in Jerusalem

Christine sites in Rome tour is a journey which starts visiting St. Clemente church where it is possible, as if you were turning the pages of a book, to pass through the centuries along the underground path that takes you to a buried church, a mitreous and an ancient Roman house. 

In Rome we have “Omnium Urbis et Orbis Ecclesiarum Mater et Caput”, which means that we have the mother of all the churches in Rome and in the world. St. John in Laern the Cathedral of Rome, once the place of Constantine possessions and then the place for the first city of the Pope.  You will meet your guide in front of St. Clemente to start your  artistic and spiritual journey. You will hear not only about art but also about religious and historical events that characterized the birth of Christianity and the development of the papacy in Rome. 

After visiting St. John in Lateran you will reach the holy steps, where you can visit the Sancta Sanctorum which was once the pope’s private chapel. 

Your journey will continue reaching the church of the Holy Cross that was once St. Elena’s residence. This is one of the seven church which pilgrims used to visit bare foot. 

This tour is customized to discover the importance of the best places in Rome which are the evidence of christianity here since is the birthplace of the Roman Catholic Church. All the sites you are going to visit during the tour are deeply rooted in the history and tradition of the religion and offer a connection to the early days of Christianity. 

Your guide will deeply explain the meaning of works of art, mosaics, frescos, glass windows, sculptures, glass windows and altarpieces which serve as visual representation of religious stories. 

In Roman Catholic Church it si possible to admire papal tomb as well. Churches are the final resting places of some of the most influential leaders in the history of Catholic Church. Most of Christian families would have commissioned and paid to have their own private chapel inside important Roman churches. 

This tour will offer you a unique perspective on the evolution of religion and art!

In conclusione the Roman churches can offer you also an interesting trip through the architecture marvels with their magnificent facade. 

We have selected for you some of the most symbolic churches in Rome but we have many and each of one offer a sense of peace able to give  un unforgettable experience. 

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