Kids tour

Kids Rome tour


2 Hours

Min People

Shared experience:
1>30 people
Private experince:
1>8 people from your own party

Meeting Point

Arch of Costantine

Min Age


Starting Time

Morning: 10:30 am


Monday to Saturday

Colosseum and Roman Forum; Palatine HillKids Rome tour is designed to make children learn the first rudiments of history in a fun way, making them participants and an integral part of the tour. 

The tour is conducted by a kids friendly guide who will not only give the information to the kids but will help them to understadn better the life of  Roman Senators, Emperors, Soldiers, Gladiators and for the girls they will hear stories about make up and dresses used in the Roman time. 

If you book the shared experince and there at least 5 kids in the tour in case they want they can also be part of the tour actively reading  a parchment we give them on which there will be written the story (adapted and suitable for children) of the character they represent in that moment. If they are shy and they don’t want to do it… no problem our friendly guide will make them interested with the thousands of legend and facts of the Ancient Rome.

Kids are curious and they will enjoy a learning experiences. A tour customized in this way can offer them a chance to see and experince hostory firsthand, which can make it more engaging and momorable. They will  learn about daily life, customs, and beliefs of Ancient Romans. Ancient Rome has played a critical role in shaping the modern world, from its political institutions to its art and architecture.

The tour is focalized on the Ancient Rome, Roman Forum and Colosseum.

The Colosseum that the probably already saw in movies or cartoons, will be in front of them and they can actually walk inside and see where the gladiators faught or where the animals would appear in the past. They can see and learn about the area floor and how they used to cover it with sand to absord the blood spread over there during the fight.

They will discover interesting facts about the life of gladiators and learn how some of htem would become professional fighters who entertained audiences by engaging in combact with one another, wild animals or condemned criminals. They would train hard to learn various combact styles, such as the use of swords, shields and tridents. They could also use various types of armor and weaponry, depending on their fighting style and the tyoe of opponent the would face in the arena.

The Roman Forum: was the central and political area where the Romans used to meet and it remains still nowdays a fascinating are to visit and explore. It was in a way the hub of the city, where people gathered to buy and seel goods, and partecipate in public debates. It was also the site of many religious rituals and cerimonies, and itwas home to numerous temples and shrines dedicated to the gods and goddesses of ancient Rome.

Fun is guaranteed! The guide will show them picture to better entraint them and allow them through their immagination to see how Rome looked before and how it is nowdays.

Get your cameras ready and enjoy this beautiful day in our company, we will take care of the rest

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